Hello Pleo

With the situation happening in Ukraine, it's an awkward time to announce personal news, so I'll keep it short. Today, I'm joining Pleo—a company founded in Denmark—which helps companies manage employee expenses.

Maybe some of these problems sound familiar to you?

  • You've got a personal health & development budget at work, but you don't know how to use it or how much budget you have left to spend.
  • You feel like you bother the finance people with declaring your expenses.
  • It takes until the next payment cycle to get your expenses refunded.

If so, perhaps Pleo could be of help.

With Pleo, you'll get your own smart company card with individual spending limits set by your employer. This means no more messaging back and forth with finance, just pay with the card and go on with your life. Whenever you make an expense, Pleo automatically notifies finance to review it, and helps sort the expense into the right category. In the app, you can also check up on your budget, and scan any receipts if needed.

As someone who consistently didn't spend his personal budget, the autonomous approach Pleo offers sounds like music in my ears.

I'm currently visiting the Copenhagen HQ to be onboarded in person. As a remote employee, I love that we're getting off on the right foot by having the opportunity to meet my future colleagues in person on day 1.

And yes, I paid for the entire trip with my very own Pleo card 💳

Does this sound interesting to you? Good. Pleo is hiring talented people across the board to meet their near-future ambitions.

Published on 28-02-2022